It's All SAVVY - Appointment Booking, Scheduling Software

Appointment Scheduling

Accept online or offline bookings, anywhere at any time.

Business Growth

Track the performance of your brand for growth opportunities .

Saving Money

Reduce spending by giving the work of many to one.


Appointment booking, scheduling, payment and more...
Make it simple with our setup process.

Savvy provides the flexibility to choose online and offline bookings with multiple entities and payment options. 

1. Setup

Setup your company, team and multiple locations along with your business hours and services.

2. Track Appointment

Take bookings both online and offline, with Savvy tracking all of them.

3. Manage Payment

We provide multiple payment options and optional advanced payment. 

your plan

Appointment Scheduling Software for the future of your business.

Tattoo Artist

Our software features and guides provides help in increase


Beauty Professionals

Our software features and guides provides help in increase


Pet Professionals

Our software features and guides provides help in increase


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We have wide range of Savvy Software.

We help individual business owners achieve their dreams with our line up of sophisticated management software. 


Developing Software for SME and Emerging companies.

When you join Savvy your company will be fast tracked for success. As our platforms provides the opportunity for endless growth. 

We want Savvy to give you all the tools you need to be successful in business, to gain and retain your clients, to reduce your costs and increase your profits. An easy-to-use software which includes fantastic marketing tools you will need to grow and retain your clients. 

Ben has spent 25 years as a software developer, but he had a vision to design software in a way that would allow us to listen to the needs of our clients, respond quickly to those needs in a sustainable way. Savvy is all about designing software totally tailored to the requirements of the industry, using all the latest, best and most resilient technology. Lisa brings 10 years of experience in business development, plus 10 years of running her own small business. With that comes an understanding of the challenges clients face, balancing their business goals with their life outside of work.


Lisa Gill


Ben Gill


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Our main goal

We provide industry-leading software all in a single package.

Our customer can find all the business required to provide flexible and easy to manage booking, payment, marketing in one place. That's why we are turning heads within the industry.

Business Growth

Our software can help increase your growth, reach and revenue.

Revenue Generation

Online and offline booking system allows for Savvy to take over customer interactions while you're away.

Why you should choose us

The best performance, customer support and management.

We do our best to help you enjoy using Savvy. That is why upon joining you will be given demos and assistance to help with any queries. The tools we hold are valuable and we want you to make the most out of them. 

Laptops And Coffee

Our Team

We have a lovely team heading our company!

Lisa Gill


Ben Gill


Louise Knoyle


Our Testimonials

We are always aiming to improve our systems,
and are happy to hear from our clients.

We are recommended by our clients because we are successful at what we do. Savvy offers what many don't, an opportunity to become a truly successful business. 

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