6 Free Branding Tools Online to grow your Small Business

Hey, Business Owner! Now that you’re aware of the fundamental steps necessary to establish your own Brand, let’s get into more details this week. To develop a really strong brand there are some things that need to be consistent. These are things that everyone instantly associates with you and that all your clients (and all those you want to attract) will recognise and remember.

Anything your customers see or you send out to your clients should have some things the same. The most obvious ones are your brand colors and, logos, etc.

Selecting these elements is a crucial task as they’re going to communicate your brand to your customers. This week, we’re providing some FREE tools online that will help you with branding and business growth. So, immediately bookmark this page, because after following everything mentioned in this blog, you’ll get the recognition of being a #SavvyBusinessOwner!

  1. Get the Brand Palette right!
    The brand color palette is the set of colors that soon become your brand’s identity. From logo, websites to emails and social media posts, these colors should be consistent across the communications that you’re going to have with your customers.

Having the right contrast is one of the key things to consider. It’s crucial, as the more the contrast, the more is the attention-grabbing capacity of that color set.

One of my favorite websites to explore the perfect color tones is Coolors.co Go check it out, select your favorite set and you’re done with step 1!

Pro tip: It’s best to have a maximum of 3 colors to your brand palette to keep things simple. And it’s nothing bad to get some ‘inspiration’ on this topic from industry leaders. Check Brandpalettes.com to get inspired!

  1. Set the right look- Logo
    Well, no need to explain what the logo is! Most people think brand means just the logo. Though it’s not exactly true, Logo is indeed one of the key elements of your brand identity.

Some people are good with colors and some are better at analyzing designs, so you may choose to do this step first. Design your logo and that could also provide some inspiration for colors. So whatever works for you, no pressure!

My all-time favorite free logo generator is Freelogodesign.org You may also like Squarespace Logo generator.

Pro tip: If you wish to do step number 2 first, you might be interested in selecting colors from your logo in Brand Palette. Visit Image Color Picker or Red ketchup to get the exact HEX Code of the shade in your logo.

  1. Feel content with your content!
    We’ve got colors and logos, but you might be interested in adding some pictures and images that’ll let customers know more about the ‘feel’ of your service.

However, in this tech-enabled era, you don’t necessarily be the best, you just need to be you! So don’t worry if those pictures you want to add to your business are not the best ever pictures. Just make sure it’s understandable, appropriate to your audience, and represents you!

For customized images, social media posts, and for any content on your online communications, my favorite is Canva.com It’s also one of the most popular free tools for brand content among influencers!

  1. Get the alerts of happiness
    Would you like to get notified each time someone Google’s your brand name? It’s quite an achievement if people are directly searching about your brand. And, it’s a small celebration moment for you too! So set an alert using Google alert and start monitoring small celebration moments!
  2. Understand the trend
    Provide information on a popular subject, maybe about a new style or technique that pet owners are asking about and googling for in your area. This will bring more relevancy to your webpage and capture their interest.

Okay but, what exactly is trending in my location? From breeds to pet hairstyles, understand what people in your area are looking for most on Google with Google trends. Get to know the important information about the customers, and provide what they’re looking for!

  1. Join the community.
    We’ve created an amazing community of Savvy business owners on Facebook. Small business owners like you from all around the world are learning from each other and providing support here in this group.

Connecting with other Savvy users will help you get your questions answered. They give fantastic support, share awesome hints and tips and you can learn the latest updates and best practices from your industry peers. So make the most of this fabulous free resource by being a part of Savvy’s Facebook family!

So if you haven’t already, Start your free trial today. And see you on our Facebook! 😊




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