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Month: March 2023

Home Boarding for Dogs License 2022

If you plan on running a dog boarding business, you must have the right licensing in place. Otherwise, you could be breaking the law! With 3.2 million households introducing a dog into their family since 2020 in the UK, the

How Do You Become a Master Dog Groomer?

So, you decided to train as a dog groomer and work with our beloved furry friends every day, an excellent choice of career. But what else there is? You’re hungry for knowledge and want to better yourself, whilst increasing your

Is There Money in Dog Grooming?

Are you considering becoming a dog groomer in the UK? If you’re a lover of all things dogs, then becoming a dog groomer is the pawfect job for you. If you’re wondering if you can earn good money as a

Is Dog Grooming a Good Career Path?

Are you seeking a new career path and considering becoming a dog groomer? This is the perfect career for those with a creative flair and a love of animals.  With 34% of UK households owning a dog, it is a high-demand

Top 3 Best Kennel Software

It is official; the kennel software market is on the rise, with a CAGR of 5.21% expected to be seen between 2023 – 2028.  The days of searching for adverts in vets or pet stores are far behind us, with the

Where Do Dog Groomers Make the Most Money?

You’ve decided to venture into the world of dog grooming. Excellent choice! Suppose you’re passionate about everything canine and want to pamper. In that case, these adorable puppies are enough to make any dog lover want to do the job.

Do You Need Qualifications to Be a Dog Groomer?

Dog groomers are the beauticians of the canine world; keeping dogs’ coats in good condition and giving owners advice on hair care, grooming and diet are a dog groomer’s primary duties. Dog grooming is an excellent career choice; it is

It’s all Savvy Continues to Innovate the Dog Care Industry with the Launch of Two New Services

As a nation of dog lovers, it will come as no surprise that the average amount spent on caring for our canine companions is £1875 per year. It’s all Savvy is at the forefront of the dog care industry with solutions to help

Get the Most Out of Crufts: Tips for Frugal Dog Groomers

Are you a frugal dog groomer looking to get the most out of your Crufts experience? Then look no further! This blog post will provide you with helpful tips and advice on how to save money at Crufts. We’ll cover

How to Scale Your Pet Grooming Business

Has your pet grooming business outgrown its operations? If you are bursting at the seams with muddy pooches and increasing requests, scaling your business may be the best option.  Scalability does not just mean growing a business, but instead, to scale