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Sales and Profitability

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Step by step guide to how to write a business plan to streamline your grooming business, increase your profits and meet your goals. Your own blank template, designed for groomers who want to know how to write a practical, useful

Diversifying Your Small Business

When you’re running your own small business, it can be easy to get really invested in one or two areas of the business and focus all your time and effort on them. After all, they may be the most profitable

Upselling Techniques That Actually Work.

What’s one of the easiest ways to make money in business? Upselling, also known as the back-end sell, is when you convince your customers to buy more than what they initially came in looking for by suggesting complementary or supplementary

4 Reasons Why Payment Plans Help Keep Customers Coming Back

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that customers who pay in instalments are a bad investment. However, research shows that payment plans can increase your customer retention rates if only offered to your best clients. Here are four reasons

5 Reasons Why Interpersonal Skills are Important in Business

In this increasingly competitive business world, it’s more important than ever to understand how to communicate effectively with others. If you want to be successful in your career, you need good interpersonal skills. These skills are often defined as the

5 Questions for Honest customer Feedback

When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, it can be hard to get an accurate understanding on how your business is doing. Are you doing OK? Do you need to make any changes? What are your customers saying about

Interior Design Secrets for Shop and Salon Businesses

Interior design can seem intimidating, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself. But, it’s really not that difficult to do when you know what you’re doing, and with so many resources available to help, you can get help from

The Strange Psychology of Pricing

Getting someone to book your service isn’t just about the value of what you have to offer. The price of the thing also plays an important role in determining whether we decide to part with our money . So why

Upsell Products and Services – How To Do It Like A Pro!

To upsell products and services means adding an additional service to an existing customer after they’ve already made a purchase. If you think this sounds like it might be useful, you’re right. Up-selling can help you make more money by

What is a cash flow forecast and how to create one

A cash flow forecast (also called projection) helps you prepare financially for the future. It shows how much money you expect to receive or spend at specific points in time, such as during the next month, quarter or year. A