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Can You Really Learn Creativity? Is it talent or skill?

It’s often said that you either have creative talent or you don’t, but the question isn’t quite so black and white. There are people who possess natural gifts that make them naturally creative and talented, but there are also those

Upselling Techniques That Actually Work.

What’s one of the easiest ways to make money in business? Upselling, also known as the back-end sell, is when you convince your customers to buy more than what they initially came in looking for by suggesting complementary or supplementary

Smartphone Photography: 5 tips to click mind-blowing pictures with your phone

Smartphone photography has made the art of capturing moments accessible to everyone. It is great to use your smartphone to snap a picture when something new or exciting happens in your business. Or you can use it to simply capture

The importance of having quality photos for your small business

Have you thought about having a professional photography session for your dog grooming business? …jolly good, you are on the right path. If you haven’t thought about it and don’t even know what brand photography is then you need to