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Upselling Techniques That Actually Work.

What’s one of the easiest ways to make money in business? Upselling, also known as the back-end sell, is when you convince your customers to buy more than what they initially came in looking for by suggesting complementary or supplementary products that will benefit them and their situation. If done well, upselling can be an extremely effective way to boost your sales and customer satisfaction at the same time, because it shows you’re not just trying to sell them something, but rather helping them get what they need.

Step 1: Use your customers’ language
May I offer you a ? Your customer is more likely to respond to something that sounds like their own language. They’re probably not going to say, yes, so a better question might be, Have you tried our ? It’s new and we think you’ll love it.

Step 2: Ask What else?
Upselling isn’t just for products. You can upsell your clients on extra features and services when booking them in, or even on different options for packages or regular VIP customer plans. (Check out the Savvy Pay Payment Plans to help with managing this). Whatever you can offer, don’t be afraid to ask! There’s no downside to asking if there’s any other way you can help them.

Step 3: Match their mood
It may seem obvious, but upselling in the midst of a positive mood is likely to be easier than pushing a new product or service on someone who’s already stressed out and anxious. In other words, timing is everything. When you upsell should largely depend on the relationship you have with your client, as well as his or her pain threshold. If a customer seems agitated or rushed, a hard sell might not be the best idea. For our Savvy photographers, if it is in a relaxed meeting a year before for her wedding day you might have a better chance at selling an album than on the morning of the wedding! For our beauty therapists or pet groomers, on her birthday )or her pets birthday) when she’s in the mood for a treat then not upselling is a wasted opportunity!

Step 4: Give them more choices
Offering an array of options can also help you upsell customers—particularly if they’re not sure what they want. For example, it could be as simple as asking them if they want a standard or deluxe package. When people are hesitant, letting them make a decision rather than forcing them to do so can work in your favor and increase your chances of getting an upsell. There’s no better way to ensure that someone will purchase something extra from you, than by giving them multiple irresistable options to choose from!

Step 5: Upselling can start with the first encounter
When you greet a customer, there’s an opportunity to ask them if they want something else. A sandwich shop employee might say, Hey, you want chips with that? or Are you here for lunch? You should try our new panini. A pet shop might offer some doggy ice-cream and a hair salon some shampoo. People love to buy stuff, so give them the opportunity at every opportunity!

Step 6: Anticipate what they want
Upselling isn’t about what you want, it’s about anticipating what your customers want. If you can provide them with a little more of something they really like and make it easy for them to buy, you might have an extra sale in your hands. Upsell to increase customer satisfaction. Use Savvy to help you do it, check out the check in forms and online booking both as perfect ways to increase revenue with upselling.

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