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Dynamic Online Booking Availability Released!

Online booking has been available on our Savvy platforms for some time now. But we are super excited today that Dynamic Online-Booking Availability has been released! Savvy’s online booking is the most advanced, clever, intuitive and easy to use online booking system out there. We’ve recently made some changes, based on your feedback, to make it even easier for your clients to search online! Rather than your clients having to go through every day to find a slot, or you having to mark days manually as full (the red and green dots), your clients will now be able to go straight to the next available slot.

Our new Dynamic Online Booking will show you real-time availability for however far ahead you are booking. This makes it much easier to find a free slot! We hope that this helps your clients to find a convenient time slot that works well with your schedule! If you would like a demo of Savvy’s awesome online booking, book a FREE demo today!

Our new online booking feature
New Feature Alert!! – Dynamic Online-Booking Availability has been released!. This week we have released a new feature on our booking engine – Dynamic Online Booking. What does this mean? When a customer now enters our online booking engine, it will show real-time availability for the entire year. This makes it far easier for them to accurately find a free slot! Let’s talk about how to make your business easier for customers…

How Dynamic Availability works
You really don’t have to do anything now to be able to use Dynamic Availability, providing your online booking is enabled. Go to settings – online booking – booking config and make sure you have ticked to show availability, thats it! Savvy does everything for you. When a client uses the online booking engine, and chooses a service it will then work out every day and show them all days that are full (red) and any that have suitable slots (green).

Why use dynamic online booking availability?
Dynamic online booking means it is more easy for your customers to spot availability. By offering more obvious availability, they are able to make more appointments and come back again and again. This is great news for you as a business owner because it makes it easier for them to see what times you have available and easier for them to book an appointment that suits their busy lives!

Why use online booking at all?
Businesses worldwide are seeing growing demand for more efficient online booking of service appointments. Not only does online booking allow customers to instantly see when they can be served, but it also makes re-scheduling and paying easy. The more convenient you make your booking process, more likely customers will make use of it -and that means higher conversion rates and more appointments booked than ever before. It’s a no-brainer. Linking your Savvy online booking with Savvy Pay also gives you no show and late cancellation protection, so your diary fills up 24 hrs a day and you never lose out on a payment due to no show! What’s not to like!!

The benefits of using dynamic online booking availability
Here at Savvy, we’re committed to making your client’s booking experience as seamless and intuitive as possible. We are also totally committed to giving our Savvy users all the tools they need to be the most successful businesses in their field. We’ve listened to feedback from our businesses on improvements to online booking availability and we have made it happen!!