How can Savvy increase my revenue and save me money?

Every day we speak to a wide range of potential new clients who have hundreds of different questions about our software. Rightly so, they all need to make sure that what they are signing up to is going to work for them. Out of all the questions asked, the most popular questions is ‘How can Savvy increase my revenue and save me money?’

Let’s start with Online Booking, this scares a lot of people and thats completely normal. They fear loss of control of their diary and can’t imagine how it could work. However, Online booking gives your clients an easier way to connect with you and request an appointment, telling you the best times for them (that all fits in with your own availability). They have the freedom to book an appointment at any time of the day. You have the ability to accept or reject an appointment which give you total control of your diary. Online booking can easily help to fill your diary, increase your revenue and increase your client base.

Check – in forms are brilliant at increasing the money coming in through the door. Use them before or at the start of the appointment. It’s a tick box health-check / emergency contact form that allows clients to tick a box to add on all those lovely spa packages that you offer, thus increasing your average income per groom with every single client, and if you are shy, you can avoid awkward up selling, they can fill the form in themselves and add all your wonderful services.

Alternative ways Savvy can help?
What about last minute availability? It takes precisely 30 seconds in Savvy to email / SMS every single one of your clients to tell them that a last-minute cancellation has left a space in your diary. You can fill it again within minutes, no more loss of earnings and you even have a waiting list function to prioritise who you offer appointments too as well.

How about a shop? Why not use the Savvy web shops and sell products to your clients?

Hopefully, you can now see how Savvy can increase your revenue and save you money. Embrace and support the UK’s fastest growing software company and sign up now! We’ll be here every step of the way to help make your business a success!



  • March 3, 2023


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