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How To Engage With Your Audience Using Memes

Want to know how to engage with your audience on social media? The short answer is through social media content marketing, but what does that mean? Content marketing usually means providing value to your followers in some way, whether it’s helping them solve their problems or entertain them with photos, videos, or articles. And while there are tons of ways to do this, one of the most effective ways on social media are through memes. Here’s how to engage your audience using memes!

1) Why Are Memes So Popular
Why are memes so popular? They’re fast-paced, relevant, and fun. Memes are just like any other content marketing tool—it’s all about telling your story in a way that’s visually appealing to your audience. These lessons will teach you how to engage with your audience using memes.

2) Giving Your Brand a Unique Voice
If you want to stand out from other brands on social media, then you need a unique voice. One way to do that is by using memes in your content marketing strategy. Memes are a great way to engage with people in a more conversational tone and create a unique experience for your brand online. Here’s how they work: Typically, memes require little time or money investment from brands but have huge payoffs in terms of engagement and interaction with audiences.

3) How Can I Use Memes?
It’s important to first understand what a meme is. A meme is a piece of content that is spread and shared on different social media channels (such as Twitter and Instagram) and comes in many forms. Common memes include videos, images, quotes, jokes or phrases that are relevant to something currently trending. If you can engage your audience using memes, you could become more memorable to your target clients.

4) What Makes the Perfect Meme?
What makes a meme go viral? According to research, there are two key ingredients: emotion and social currency. When we feel an emotion – like joy, sadness or anger – we’re more likely to share that information with others. Social currency is information we share with others because it helps us socially (or makes us look good). Both of these elements must be present for a meme to spread like wildfire across Twitter and Instagram.

5) Can you use memes that are already out there?
Sure, you can find an image with a caption already written on it, which has the advantage of already having gone viral, but what fun is that? It’s better to create your own memes with images and captions that are relevant to your audience. Another option is to use stock photos from places like iStockPhoto or Google Images. Use your creativity—you don’t have to stick with text memes. You can also create memes using movie clips, song clips, etc. You can take photos or videos at your company during the day and create a caption and then post that evening. Novel, relevant, and engaging for your audience

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