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Websites. A MUST HAVE for Self-Employed or New Businesses.

Chances are that if you’re looking into starting your own business, you’ve heard of the importance websites. But how do you know if you really need one? And what would it cost to get one, anyway? Before you spend the money, check out this guide on whether or not you actually need a website and how to make the most of yours if you do!

Do I REALLY need one? Yes! Here’s Why…
If you’re thinking about starting your own business but haven’t yet—or if you’re an established business owner wondering why people aren’t finding you—you should start with building your website. Not only will it allow people to connect with you and learn more about what you do, but also it offers other benefits that are essential for small businesses. Here are just five reasons every small business needs a website

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
When creating your website, make sure it’s SEO friendly. This means making it easy for search engines to find what you have to offer. Websites are ranked by search engines based on their content and your site will be easier to find if it is written well with proper spelling and grammar. Also include information about products and services on your homepage so that people can learn more about you and what you do.

2) Presentation
Your homepage should include information about your products and services. The first thing people see when they come to your website will be your branding; make sure it’s professional. That it reflects your business personality and shouts about your unique selling points (USP’s). People should know immediately who you are and what you do! Remember: Your homepage is like a first impression—people decide if they want to continue talking with you within seconds of landing on your page. Make sure it’s engaging enough for them to stick around. You need a format that is simple, clean and easy to navigate, with all the important information in an intuitive order.

3) Brand Recognition
Studies show that over 70% of shoppers who visit a company’s website to book become buyers. This is where having an online presence can have a major impact on your business’s bottom line. Starting with a good website gives you complete control of how you want to present yourself and your products or services. It really is a shop window to your business. It reflects you and gives a crucial first impression to your customers.

4) Customer Service
Websites aren’t just about selling products and services anymore. In fact, they’re becoming one of the best ways to provide outstanding customer service. This makes websites an essential part of every modern business owner’s toolkit, as well as those who work for themselves or are looking to start their own companies. Savvy websites incorporate buttons to “Book Now”, a customer dedicated portal for managing bookings. They have key info like maps and contact details and you can have contact forms for prospective clients to reach out to you. All features to improve the service you deliver to your clients.

Why a Savvy Website?
There are loads of reason why Savvy websites are excellent for our clients:

– They are designed to have all the info you need to present in a logical, contemporary, gorgeous format.

– There are no fees for build, design or hosting of your website. It’s all included in your Savvy plan, saving you thousands!

– You can have unlimited websites. Do you run different aspects of your brand with different target clients? Have one for each set of clients and each set of services.

– Totally tailored to your business, change the branding, colours, logos, images and text to reflect your business personality.

– They are SO easy!! A simple template to complete and your website will be created and ready to go live in a matter of hours (if that). My record is a new website in 30 mins! Plus you have our excellent customer support team on hand 8am – 8pm if you want some help.

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