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What Computer Software Do Vets Use?

what computer software do vets use?

The business software market is set to be worth $1,153.75 billion by 2030. This shows what a huge industry it is, with bespoke and unique software solutions available for many different sectors. 87% of companies also believe technology has allowed their business to grow even in challenging conditions.

Savvy Vet Care is a brilliant form of software which has been created to support veterinary practices. Whether you want to diversify a small business or help run a larger one more efficiently, the software offers something for everyone.

With vets needing to operate dynamically and reactively to meet their needs or their furry client’s requirements, processes must run as seamlessly as possible. Keep reading if you want to know exactly what software solutions are available for veterinary practices and to learn more about our dynamic programme.

Is the Veterinary Industry Undergoing a Digital Transformation?

With 56% of companies globally prioritising digital adoption, it is clear that the pet care sector has not escaped the need to operate more dynamically.

The veterinary sector requires constant assessment and forward-thinking to ensure things are running efficiently. There are around 29,000 veterinary professionals in the UK and approximately 25 million pets living in Britain. This shows just how much pressure each practice and professional is under. Software is the solution used to create easier processes, allowing more animals to be seen when they are in a time of need.

Many practices also need to keep up with modern consumer needs, such as online appointment booking. Clients will expect this service, and without it, the practices risk losing custom, which could simultaneously damage their revenue and reputation. Furthermore, new generations of pet healthcare professionals bring a knowledge of digital techniques and a desire to use them. The veterinary sector is rapidly changing, but you will likely be relieved to know many forms of user-friendly software around to simplify the process.

What Are the Benefits for Veterinary Practices of Using Software?

What Are the Benefits for Veterinary Practices of Using Software?

Before we run through the list of softwares, let’s chat about why they are such a brilliant option! The benefits of changing traditional ways of working to include veterinary software are the following:

  • Staff productivity is greatly enhanced as many processes are automated. This means that more time can be spent on improving the business in other areas and the customer experience.
  • You can often connect software to multiple programmes, creating a more streamlined digital infrastructure.
  • Business scalability and changes are much simpler to facilitate.
  • Spending can be improved as multiple jobs can be handled by one piece of software. Many also allow you to gain an instant view of your financial landscape for reactive management and changes.
  • Decision-making is easier, which improves all areas of business.
  • Customers benefit as booking an appointment, contacting practices, and settling outstanding bills are also simple. It also means that when clients may be under pressure or emotionally charged, things are less overwhelming for them to deal with.

What Forms of Software Do Vets Use?

Like any industry, the type of software a veterinary practice uses will depend on a few factors. Aspects such as budgets, team structure, client requirements, and IT infrastructure will all determine what software is adopted.

Savvy Vet Care was created to combine the below different types of software so busy practices don’t have to spend time and effort individually configuring lots of tools.

Reporting Tools

Essential for keeping projects, performance and spending on track, reporting software allows vets to keep an eye on their entire business in one place. As with any business tasked with providing customer care, everything must run smoothly.

Reporting software is important as it allows trends to be deciphered, which feeds into decision-making for the entire practice.

Payment Software

Although the main purpose of any vet practice is to look after animal health, they are still privately run businesses, which means that profit is important.

Payment software allows cash flow to be managed. This is made more complex for vets who will often need to deal with insurance companies and also who need detailed information. Payment software keeps a clear record of patient bills and allows organisations to align records with their accounts for guaranteed business continuity.

Electronic Medical Records (ERM)

ERM’s are at the core of any medical practice, human or animal. These security-protecting files are essential for providing high quality care.

They must also be available in digital form to make information sharing simple. Within the vet industry, this could involve sending to insurance companies, sharing with patients, or sending to other practices if specialist  care is needed.

CRM Systems

91% of companies use CRM systems. Customer relationship management software keeps all client information in one place.

It manages communications, interactions and stores all sensitive data. This streamlines processes and is essential for reporting when cash flow and forecasts are being managed. Vet practices can also improve processes using CRM tools to benefit their entire  business.

Inventory Management

Software is also a requirement to keep track of inventory, as running out of essential equipment and medicines is not an option.

This allows a clear record to be maintained when items are used so that the responsible employee, often the reception or administration team, can efficiently place orders when needed. As well as keeping all items stocked reduces unnecessary spending, providing a justification when every penny is spent.

Practice Management Software

This is the name given to a cumulative tool that keeps all of the above elements in order with the addition of other systems, such as HR databases and employee management like rota creation.

As it must oversee all operations, this is often accessed by every staff member with varying access levels depending on their duties. Savvy Vet Care can be included in this category as it combines many tools in one place! Read below to find out how.

How Does Savvy Vet Care Help?

How Does Savvy Vet Care Help?

Manage Clients

Whether you are dealing with difficult clients or looking for a simple way to keep things on track, our software does it all.

Veterinary software offers a significant advantage in the customer and pet management process, as all information can be stored in one place. Managing customer information in this way also means that reporting is improved. With information available to download anytime, practices can use real-life data to make decisions and improve business performance.

Our system has features such as CRM integration, pet owner access, and the ability to link with other tools, such as Gmail, to improve the customer experience.

Support Payments

Linked with Quickbooks and including its billing technology, our software lets you manage and automate the entire payment process.

This allows you to have digital copies of everything, send invoices, automate payment reminders, link to your bank accounts for clean accounting purposes, and to give customers a clear view of what they owe.

The system is also security-encrypted, meaning no information is at risk of exposure. This will appeal to your customers as data safety is paramount for many people.

Automate and Digitise Processes

Automating and adding digital elements to everyday veterinary care processes will improve the experience for everyone.

Interpersonal skills are essential in business, but more often than not, there is no time to give things a personal approach. With our software, you can manage tasks such as appointment booking and customer communications at the click of a button, so more time is available for the human side.

Are you interested in trying out Savvy Vet Care for yourself? We are offering a FREE 14-day trial with no obligations. Trial with your team to see how a complete vet management software tool could elevate your performance. We guarantee you will be thrilled with the results!

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