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How Much Can You Earn as a Dog Groomer?

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If you have clicked on this article, then the chances are, that you are considering becoming a god groomer- whether that’s a full-time job, side hustle, or a side project.

Well, you have come to the right place, because we will outline the key points you need to know, if you fancy pampering pooches for a living.

In this article, we will answer the question, how much can you earn as a dog groomer?

What is a dog groomer?

Dog grooming is an essential part of keeping our four-legged friends clean, neat and tidy.

As a professional pet groomer, you will be expected to:

How much can you earn as a dog groomer?

So, how much can you earn as a dog groomer?

According to the National Careers Service website, the average annual salary of a beginner to dog grooming is £13,500.

Reviews from the employment platform Glassdoor indicate that the average base pay of a dog groomer in the UK is £24,101

Are dog groomers in demand in the UK?

Yes, dog groomers are very much in high demand in the UK.

Many pet owners do not have the knowledge, resources, or time to carry out regular grooming sessions. So, it is really convenient for them to outsource their grooming needs to a professional pet groomer.

Dog grooming is a highly trained skill that owners struggle to replicate. It is not just ensuring that coats are kept clean but also vital healthcare aspects such as teeth cleaning, nail clipping, and ear hair cleaning, which all contribute to the look of a dog and its overall well-being. 

How do you become a dog groomer?

In the UK, the legal requirement to become a certified groomer in the UK is that you must have obtained a diploma in dog grooming to achieve a licence which allows you to trade successfully.

This is needed to appeal to the right customers and secure the relevant insurance required to operate a business. The National Careers website states that a Level 2 certificate for dog grooming assistance, Level 3 in dog grooming, or a Level 4 higher professional diploma in dog grooming are all valid options.

To learn more about the pathway into becoming a dog groomer, view the National Careers Service guidance here.

Do you need a license to be a dog groomer in the UK?

Nope, there is no specific licenses which are required of you, if you wish to become a self-employed dog groomer.

However, you must be aware of the standards set out by the Animal Welfare Act (2006), which makes it an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal.

This is a law which states that anyone responsible for an animal must take reasonable steps to make sure the animal’s welfare needs are met.

Is it stressful to be a dog groomer?

Every job has its ups and downs, and dog grooming is no different.

As a professional dog groomer, you will be dealing with different customers and their dogs, so you may find yourself in stressful situations, for example:

  • Some dogs will have difficulty, anxiety, or frustration with being groomed- so they may bark loudly, scratch, or bite.
  • You will have to be prepared to remove all kinds of different filth and impurities from dogs. Who knows where they have been rolling around in!
  • You will need up-to-date knowledge of how to spot different health issues in dogs- such as fleas, ticks, rashes, lesions, and parasitic infections.
  • You have a duty of care towards the dogs you work with, so if you spot any abnormalities during the grooming appointment, you should inform the customer, so they can take their pet pooch to the vet as soon as possible.
  • You will have to deal with unexpected accidents- e.g. if a dog decides to relieve themselves during the appointment, that’s on you to clean it up!
  • It is very physically demanding to be a dog groomer, as you have to stand, move and bend down for hours at a time. This means dog grooming may not be a suitable profession for those with a disability, long-term health condition, joint pains, or fatigue.
  • It can be time-consuming to sweep up old hair, disinfect tools, and clean the work stations thoroughly.
  • Running your own business can be stressful because you have to manage administration tasks, handle finances, manage employees, promote your business, and meet the legal requirements when it comes to matters such as taxes.
  • You will need to use high-quality equipment and products, which are suitable for different breeds of dogs. This can become expensive, which is something to consider.
  • Part of being a dog groomer is dealing with difficult customers. A customer may walk in and demand something of you, which would be unsafe or inappropriate for you to carry out- for example, dying a dog’s fur pink.

How do you keep a dog calm during a grooming session?

Not every dog that walks into the grooming parlour will be jolly and happy to have cuddles.

The grooming environment may be overstimulating, frightening, or frustrating for a dog.

To keep a dog calm and cooperative during the grooming appointment, follow these tips below:

  • Talk to the dog in calm, soothing tones.
  • Allow the dog to explore the environment- let them take a quick walk and sniff the ground, as long as they are out of harm’s way.
  • If the dog is particularly frightened, use slow, gentle movements. Don’t surprise them with harsh, sudden movements, as this may increase their anxiety and stress.
  • Remember that the dog needs to feel safe while they are with you.
  • Use treats to reward the dog for good behaviour, so they learn to associate grooming as a positive experience.

How can Savvy Pet Spa help me run a successful dog grooming business?

If you want to run a successful dog grooming business, automation and efficiency are essential. Savvy Pet Spa has a range of features which help you operate confidently and offer a presence to customers 24/7.

The Savvy Pet Spa features helps you run the administration side of your dog grooming business in terms of payment requests, appointment bookings, gathering customer information, encouraging subscriptions, and supporting marketing efforts in the form of testimonials.

One of the biggest issues that small businesses face is losing out on money when clients cancel on them. One of our features is 100% no-show protection, which means that you will never miss out on money if you don’t have time to re-fill an appointment.

To find out more about Savvy Pet Spa, you can view our pricing or book a demo by clicking here.

Starting the business is one thing, but keeping it running smoothly is the main goal. With the right foundations in place, your pet grooming company will be a guaranteed success in no time at all!

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