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How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK?

How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK

In the UK, we love our pets, with more than £2.4 billion spent on our furry family members each month!

When it comes to dog grooming, owners are more than willing to pay for quality services that maintain the well-being of their pups. In fact, the UK pet grooming market is set to be worth more than $913.8 million by 2032. With the number of dog owners on the rise and more preened breeds becoming popular; it is easy to see why the dog grooming industry is booming in the UK. 

With the cost of owning a dog being an estimated £1875 per year, have you figured out which proportion of this spend has been set aside by owners to spend on grooms? At Savvy Pet Spa, we think getting your pricing right is essential to ensure you are marketing yourself properly and making the best profit. 

Keep reading to understand how much UK dog groomers can charge and why technology is essential to making substantial revenue. 

What Is the Average Cost for a Full Dog Groom in the UK?

The average price for a dog groom in the UK is £43.

Whilst this amount will differ based on location, breed, and experience of the groomer, this is the average amount that consumers expect to pay for a full service. Just like a human going to the hairdresser, this is the type of service that people understand commands a particular price tag, so you should be bold and price yourself fairly.

The following services are expected to be included in this cost:

  • A full brush removes any knots and treats the existing coat before washing or trimming takes place.
  • Bathing with coat-suitable products which extra attention pads to areas that require additional hygiene.
  • A complete dry with professional equipment, including the further removal and treatment of any knots within the coat.
  • Trimming and clipped to the desired style for that breed of dog. 
  • Claw trimming to the safe length to prevent any nail-bed damage or painful scratching between grooms.
  • Ear and eye cleaning to avoid the build-up of dirt.
  • Pad treatments depend on the season to protect against extreme weather and environments. 
  • Teeth and gum cleaning

The entire dog grooming session can take between one to two hours, depending on the breed and equipment being used, so it is important that you also factor this into your costs when determining how much profit you need to break even.  

Although £43 is the average price, that doesn’t mean you cannot charge more in certain situations. Larger dogs with longer coats, such as a Golden Retriever or Husky, can cost as much as £62 on average to groom. We there recommend that you also consider the following when creating your pricing lists:

  • The age of the dog and how used they are to grooming. A puppy will likely need a longer appointment as they need to get used to the equipment. You can charge by the hour or offer certain add-ons for nervous or new dogs.
  • Size of the dog and the groom that is required. Some dogs will need a styling session alongside their regular wash resulting in a longer appointment. 
  • How well-kept the dog is will also affect the time and attention needed to provide the level of service that your customers are looking for. Our system already considers this by offering a subscription service for returning dogs. This allows you to charge fairly and for your prices to reflect that less time is likely needed for coats that are already in good condition.
  • Medical conditions will also affect how you can groom and the length it takes to complete.
  • Lastly is the behaviour of the dog. This could be influenced by age, gender, or underlying personality and should be factored into your initial scoping exercise when bringing new breeds to your portfolio.

You will find that owners are more than understanding of the differing costs but will often want to see your confirmed pricing matrix for fairness and to compare with the competition. Therefore, we recommend creating a secure list of prices before bringing in new clients to help you secure new and loyal canine customers.

How Often Do Dogs Need to Be Groomed?

How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK
How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK

This will, of course, depend on the breed and the elements a dog is exposed to, such as if they are working animals. Still, the average is between every one to two months for dog grooming. It is recommended that for grooms to take place regularly for several reasons, with the main being that it offers the best chance of dogs staying happy and healthy. 

Regular dog grooming is important as it removes dead skin, prevents skin conditions, promotes healthy coats, and treats issues like fleas or mites. Owners are very aware of all these issues and that not treating them properly can result in more expensive vet bills. You will commonly find that owners will look to dog groomers for advice on how often they should attend as they will trust the person looking after their special family member.

Some breeds will need to be groomed for aesthetic purposes, which is reflected in the pricing you can offer if additional treatments are required.

Why You Should Be Charging the Right Price for Dog Grooming Services

98% of business owners say they don’t fully understand the cost of the components that go into offering their product or service. This worrying statistic means that dog groomers around the country could be undercharging for their services, which we would hope is not the case!

Undercharging for your dog grooming services doesn’t just mean that you are not making the profit you deserve, but it could also negatively affect your brand perception. With owners like to understand the average cost they can expect to pay for a dog grooming, if your prices do not reflect the average, they could be put off by the assumed quality of service you are offering.

This also helps you remain competitive and stand out against the other groomers available. 

Is There a High Demand for Dog Grooming in the UK?

Since 2021, the number of pet dogs in the UK has increased by 10.2 million. This shows how many dogs require regular treatments to maintain their glossy coats!

All vets recommend that grooming takes place regularly as a form of primary care for animals, so along with an influx of pooches comes the need for them to be cared for correctly. An increase has not matched the rise in the number of family dogs in the same number of dog grooming companies, so we can assure you that dog groomers continue to be in very high demand across the UK.

How Can I Make a Better Profit with My Dog Grooming Business?

How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK
How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK

Whether you are running a dog grooming business from home or have your own commercial salon, making the right amount of money is key for its continued success.

Our solution? Technology!

Technology is the tool every dog grooming business should harness to make the best profit possible. You can save money in your business by using the right technology, proving that it is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make.

The Pet Savvy Spa technology saves you money in several ways. Firstly, it includes 100% no-show payment protection to ensure that you still make money even when people do not attend an appointment or if they cancel at short notice. Automation is also a key feature when sending out reminders to clients so that they remember an upcoming grooming appointment. 

The system also aligns directly with your other operating software tools, providing you with efficiency-saving measures that, in business, equals money. 

Additionally, having a digital tool running that has the power to book appointments 24/7, contribute to your marketing efforts and help run the admin side of your business brings many additional benefits. Automation is the future for money industries, and we think the pet grooming sector is one that should be making the most of the benefits.

How Does Pet Savvy Spa Work?

How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK
How Much Do Dog Groomers Charge UK

The online tool created by Pet Savvy Spa is an easily configurable piece of software that can keep your business running even when your hands are foamed up in the middle of a grooming session.

By understanding your pricing and what your service is worth, you can integrate industry-standard costs with an online booking platform that gives your customers all the information they could need. Not only are they then able to secure a spot on your books in a few clicks, but it also helps them better manage their pet finances through deposit payments, reminders, and subscription options. 

The goal of our all-in-one booking and management system is to allow dog groomers all over the UK to grow their business sustainably. Dog grooming is a skilled service in high demand, so we want to ensure that the talented professionals in this field get the remuneration they deserve. 

To find out more, you can book a demo by clicking here.