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What Is Veterinary Software?

What Is Veterinary Software?

Running a veterinary practice is an extremely rewarding and essential job. It isn’t only about looking after the welfare of the animals in your care but of course, there’s a business to run too. Like any related organisation, you’ll need to manage appointments, store personal details, and organise payments and contracts, amongst many other things.

The veterinary software market is growing as more business owners choose to go paperless and move into modern times with software that allows you to put less energy and time into mundane tasks and more into the heart of your business.

In this post, we explore veterinary software and break down what software like Savvy Vet Care can do for your veterinary practice. We also provide helpful tips and advice on dealing with customers and diversifying your business because we want to do everything in our power to help your business grow.

Running a successful veterinary practice

We aren’t here to tell you how to perform surgery on peoples’ precious pups or how to diagnose a skin condition in cats, we’ll leave that bit up to you, but we can offer advice on how to deal with customers (even the tricky ones), how to diversify your business and updating your business by using modern management software, just as many other vets have already done.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take note of the top 5 successful female entrepreneurs who believed they could, and so they did. The most important thing when running a successful business is to never allow things to get stagnant, to continuously look for new and modern ways of enhancing your business and therefore allowing for a greater customer and staff experience.

Dealing with customers

One of the most important aspects is business is how to deal with customers. In the case of a veterinary practice, it’s important to treat customers with compassion and respect and talk to them in an empathetic and calm manner; after all, you are looking after an animal that is extremely dear to them. The importance of interpersonal skills can’t be underestimated in veterinary practice, as a customer’s experience can depend hugely on how they are treated and how things are done.

We know it can be difficult when dealing with obnoxious customers, and this, too, can happen in a veterinary practice, as you likely know already. Just remember that their attitude is very unlikely to be aimed directly at you personally but that their emotions are running high because they’re concerned about their beloved pet.

 Another way of communicating and dealing with customers is through virtual software. Gone are the days of continuously ringing customers to remind them of their upcoming appointment or to pay an outstanding bill when many other veterinary practices are choosing to use management software.

Not only is this easier and more time efficient for staff, but it enhances the customer’s experience by giving them a simple and easy way of checking their appointment, making payments, and even keeping up with the latest news from their vet practice.


One of the first rules of diversifying your small business is not to be afraid to try new things. A business can never grow without change. Follow these tips to help to diversify your veterinary practice:

  • There is no one thing. Having a streamlined approach to business can put your company at risk
  • Each project will likely provide new skills. It’s up to you to keep your business and staff moving forward
  • Embrace new opportunities. COVID made everyone very good at this as many businesses looked outside of the norm at modern opportunities to progress in their business
  • Don’t get complacent with a limited number of clients. It’s essential to diversify your customer base to generate more revenue for your business.


We’re living in unpredictable times, and one constant that we’ve all had lately is the use of technology to communicate and enhance our lives. In fact, 87% of business owners believe technology has allowed their business to grow. It’s more important now than ever to get with the times and update your business.

Using computer software for vets means you can meet the needs of your furry client’s requirements, and basic processes like managing appointments must run smoothly. Most clients these days will expect this kind of service, and without it, the practice will be losing custom.

Furthermore, new generations of pet healthcare professionals bring a knowledge of digital techniques and a desire to use them. The veterinary sector is rapidly changing, but you will likely be relieved to know many forms of user-friendly software around to simplify the process.

The best veterinary software

The best veterinary software

We at Savvy Vet Care are confident that we can provide the best veterinary software there is, and our customers agree. We have a 95% trusted customer rate and excellent 5-star reviews.

We provide a straightforward appointments and business management solution designed for veterinary care businesses. Savvy Vet Care is a fully customisable solution for veterinary care businesses aimed at boosting profits and saving time.

 Our software allows you to:

  • Manage appointments through the web, phone or tablet
  • Handle all customer information professionally at your fingertips
  • Attract clients via Savvy booking directory
  • Setup billing and contracts
  • Communicate with customers, including sending reminders and newsletters

The benefits of using veterinary software

Pet ownership statistics show that 17 million households in the UK own pets, and with that in mind, updating your business to a more effective system could mean reaching far more of those customers than you thought possible.

There are many reasons to use veterinary software, as there’s no denying that software offers efficiency that benefits everyone. As expert veterinary software providers, we aim to help animal healthcare practices unlock their full potential using specifically designed products. By using software that animal experts for professional usage have created, you can access a whole world of conveniences that can help a business thrive.

Some of the benefits of using veterinary software include:

Ease of Appointment Booking

One of the main benefits of veterinary software is the simple booking service that we provide. We know all too well that emergencies and healthcare needs can arise at any time. With a quick-to-use booking system, owners can choose appointments that suit them without sitting on the phone.

Not only does this mean that reception staff can focus on other duties that are more urgent, but you and your staff can plan better, meaning less chance of missed appointments or cancellations. The system also allows for improved real-life visuals of what appointments are booked and what has been removed. If unexpected sessions are needed, there is less chance of double booking.

 All of this not only adds to the smooth running of the veterinary practice but to customer satisfaction too.

Manage Customers and pet information

Manage Customers and pet information

Veterinary software offers a significant advantage as the customer and pet management process can be streamlined. Taking time to collate notes and find contact information eats into precious business time that could be used on something more productive. With this form of CRM system, all data is in one place for the entire team to access easily and quickly.

 In addition, when things go wrong or a pet’s health declines, the pet owners will be preoccupied with their beloved pet and won’t want to be bothered with personal admin. Our software, for instance, can automate these processes, meaning that pet owners can deal with settling the bill and reading through paperwork at a time that suits them best.

Improve the experience

Using veterinary software improves customer experience as it makes the boring paperwork part of an appointment much faster. With easy booking, data stored and easily accessible to the right person and quick access to their animal’s health records, it means a smoother and less stressful appointment.

With one in 5 Brits delaying taking their pets to the vet, it’s extremely important to consider the overall customer experience. One of the main reasons for this is vet expenses, but having easy billing and contracts, it means billing is transparent to the customer.

Sustainable Operations

One of the main reasons vets are choosing to use veterinary software isn’t just for the benefits of the business but for economic and sustainable reasons too. Using intelligent technology allows businesses to reduce paperwork, resulting in time to focus on patients and attracting new customers to the practice.

Not only this, but sustainability is becoming more important to consumers; therefore, marketing your veterinary practice in this way will align with many people’s core values, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Savvy Vet Care

If you would like to learn more about Savvy Vet Care for your veterinary practice, you can request a demo to try out our modern and innovative veterinary software that is going to transform your business.